Monster: How Hiding Weinstein Exposes The Fake News Media

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“But perhaps the most damning portion of ‘Untouchable’ concerns the media, and how it abdicated its journalistic responsibilities to help protect a monster.”

Ursula Macfarlane’s Doc “Untouchable” details the horrific abdication of the MSM in lying/hiding/shielding/faking the story surrounding one of the most disgusting stories of the century. A “Media Hate Crime” if there ever was one. We are all their victims.

Damaged: The Telegraph Forced to Apologize For Fake News

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“The Telegraph said it falsely characterized Mrs. Trump’s father’s personality, falsely reported the reasons she left an architecture program, and falsely reported her career as a model was unsuccessful before she met Donald Trump.”

Apologies and “substantial damages”. Fake News seems to have its match in Mrs. Trump. Odds that the reporters responsible were fired? Zip.

Fake Ban: NBC Misleads Public On “Covington” Kids

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“Gay valedictorian banned from speaking at Covington graduation ‘not surprised’ by D.C. controversy”

Wait – so an openly gay (so what) student went to what High School? Covington? Not! He went to Holy Cross High School. And the Catholic Diocese (of that district) determined that he (and another (non-gay) student ) couldn’t read their speeches because (a) they weren’t turned in on time and (2) they were overly political and not in keeping with tradition – therefore (NBC!) determines they were “banned”. NBC’s intention is to brand Covington diocese students as haters, homophobes and racists. Why let the truth get in the way of the narrative! Slander away!

Embedded Fake: NewsGuard decides What Is Real

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“None of this is the slightest bit alarming if you believe that NewsGuard is an absolutely fair arbiter of what constitutes real news or propaganda.”

Let’s see…we have a new technology that filters only “approved” news and is embedded in Microsoft browsing technology. The naughty list already includes RT, Drudge and Brietbart. But a proven connoisseur of fakery BuzzFeed makes the grade. Call us skeptical. Or just call it what it is – a naked attempt to feed you only news that fits a narrative. Hard pass.

NYT: How We Destroy Lives Today

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“In this technology, stereotype is more salient than persons. In this technology, a single moment is more important than a life story. In this technology, a main activity is proving to the world that your type is morally superior to the other type.”

Triple kudos to David Brooks. The rush to judgement, slander, and accompanying hatred and vitriol directed at those social media deems its enemy can only lead to a further breakdown of trust and empathy. We are watching our great republic grow sick(er) with a social disease – it’s time for the patient to have surgery. Stat.

“See It”: Daily News Falsely Reports Convington Catholic Student Are Racists

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” The photo depicts several white students, some in blackface, shouting at an opposing black player.”….”They looked like a lynch mob.”

In an effort to further slander and destroy the boys/kids/students/minors from Covington Catholic, the NY Daily News purposefully publishes a misleading article and accompanying picture of the students during their “black out” rally from 2012. What the Daily News doesn’t tell the reader is that the school has “theme” rallies every year: All White, All Blue, All Black…etc. Character assassination of kids- fraudulently – by a major New York media company. Have a barf bag handy.

Disinformation Central: BuzzFeed CEO A Fake News Pioneer

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“People are again asking how BuzzFeed could possibly publish such “fake” news against Trump. They need look no further than BuzzFeed’s CEO and founder Jonah Peretti.”

ZeroHedge uncovers the heart of BuzzFeed’s penchant for “misinformation”.

TDS Diary (2): “The Battle of Letters”

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“Long story short, in unison: Pelosi good, Trump bad. It’s almost funny.”

When viewed side by side, bias in the MSM becomes (blindly) glaring. We’d say “enjoy”, but the underlying awfulness of the deception offers little appreciable humor.

TDS Diary: White, Catholic (MAGA) Boys Hate American Indians – CNN, CBS

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In one of the more disgusting displays of blatant Trump derangement syndrome, CNN uses selected videos (other angles show the American Indians initiating the encounter ) as a manufactured conflict to demonize a Catholic School boys group.

CNN’s SE Cupp delivers her monologue/diatribe of contempt for the March For Life, for Trump supporting teenagers and juxtaposes them (for added effect) against the supposed mocking of an American Indian celebration.

Read the statements (and see the alternate angle video’s) from the Catholic kids – it was the “Indigenous people’s” who initiated the encounter. The kids were already there and were minding their own business. CNN makes it sound like the kids were a rapid gang of hatred looking for a target. This kind of reporting is unethical, immoral and extremely dangerous. Is there such a thing as a “media hate crime”?

Update: CBS now supporting the narrative.

Update (2): Reason magazine calls out the fraud. See link in main post.

Update (3): @davidbrooksnyt and @douthatnyt both reject MSM narrative.

“BuzzBleed”: A New Peak For Fake News

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“I ask the press to take heed that their hysterical desire to destroy this President has gone too far” -Rudy Giuliani

In an extraordinary rebuke, SC Mueller’s office directly refutes the BuzzFeed “bombshell” report. The reporters (referenced in previous SR news feed below) are Pulitzer recipients and finalists. And…the drumroll double down maneuver: “We stand by our story 100%” -Ben Smith, Editor, BuzzFeed.

Pass the popcorn.

“Categorically False”: Fire Erupts On BuzzFeed Reporting

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“The other journalist from the Thursday night BuzzFeed report, Anthony Cormier, admitted to CNN’s “New Day” that he hasn’t actually seen the evidence in the case.”

We can’t understand how rumor and inuendo has replaced actual journalism. A history of ‘drug use” and a track record of false reporting? Because someone (at least two?) they “trust” said it it’s true, it’s now reportable? The BuzzFeed code of ethics? Ah, right. Silly us.

Not Fake: Wikileaks Sues The Guardian

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“Both WikiLeaks and Manafort have said they plan to sue The Guardian over the publication, with Manafort slamming the report as “totally false and deliberately libellous.”

We’re thinking (sadly) this is what it’s going to take. Unless news outlets pay a financial penalty for fake reporting, they will probably keep their narrative machine churning. Wonder if Wikileaks will take some action on that (minus the head separation part) bet? Any takers?

Least Trusted Journalists

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#2Ben Smith
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#4Chris Cuomo
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#9Ronan Farrow
#10Anthony Cormier
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