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National Public Radio is an American privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization that serves as a national syndicator to a network of 900 public radiostations in the United States.

NPR produces and distributes news and cultural programming. Individual public radio stations are not required to broadcast all NPR programs; most broadcast a mix of NPR programs, content from rival providers American Public MediaPublic Radio InternationalPublic Radio Exchange and WNYC Studios, and locally produced programs. The organisation’s flagship shows are two drive-time news broadcasts, Morning Edition and the afternoon All Things Considered; both are carried by most NPR member stations, and are among the most popular radio programs in the country. As of October 2017, the drive time programs attract an audience of 14.63 million and 14.6 million respectively.

NPR manages the Public Radio Satellite System, which distributes NPR programs and other programming from independent producers and networks such as American Public Media and Public Radio International. Its content is also available on-demand online, on mobile networks, and, in many cases, as podcasts. {Wikipedia}


Humiliated Media: Hysterical Children Have No Business Running Journalism- Carlson

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“For two years, our capital city became a kind of massive CNN panel — a living monument to ignorance and dishonesty, where the loudest and dumbest invariably got the most attention“

Fake Facts (2): Checkers “Truth” Is What They Say It Is

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“The state of American fact-checking is dreadfully misleading. There’s no reason for conservatives to give its authors the deference they seek.”

Media bias exists in many, many new forms today. From “journalists” acting as opinion columnists to the old faithful: bias by omission. The ‘Media’ pick and choose stories, narratives and now “facts” that support their preconceived narrative and notions of what truth represents. And the ‘disease’ has now spread to the checkers of the “facts” – whose supposedly are neutral ( yes Snopes – we mean you) politically. Embarrassing – and fraudulent – and possibly now liable? Let’s see how slippery the slope has become…

American Media: We’re Right, You’re Wrong

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American Thinker and author @retinaldoctor shred the “fact checking” MSM narrative. Proving most of their “checked” “facts”, are indeed, um, facts. Politicians lie, exaggerate and mislead – no kidding. The job of the 4th estate isn’t to preach and feign (we’ll I never!) shock. It’s to inform us about relevant events and interesting stories. And sports scores. And cat videos. And Dilbert. We digress.

False Facts: NPR reports are nothing more than leftist editorials.

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NPR does it again – false and misleading reporting targeting Trump’s family. No retraction. Only a “mischaracterization”.

Just In: Nothing to report

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NPR Breaking News: Trump still hates immigrants. Just making sure that the narrative sees sunlight. Brought to you by the US taxpayer.

Least Trusted Journalists

#1Chris Cuomo
#2Ken Dilanian
#3Ben Smith
#4Kaitlin Collins
#5Ben Kesslen
#6Jon Talton
#7Jason Leopold
#8Annie Linskey
#9Ronan Farrow
#10Anthony Cormier
#11Adam Edelman
#12Mike Ward
#13Gardiner Harris
#14Brian Ross
#15Mike Seidel
#16Alisyn Camerota
#17Gabriel Pogrund
#18Chuck Todd
#19Greg Gordon
#20Joe Scarborough
#21Carl Bernstein
#22Dean Baquet
#23David Corn
#24Bob Woodward
#25John Dickerson
#26Aaron Blake
#27Charles Blow
#28Jim Sciutto
#29Jake Tapper

Least Trusted Outlets

#2NBC News
#3New York Daily News
#4Fox News
#6The Daily Telegraph
#8Daily Star
#9The Huffington Post
#13Big League Politics
#14The Weather Channel
#16The Daily Beast
#21The New York Times
#22Boston Globe
#23The Washington Post
#24The New Yorker
#30Mother Jones