What is a SpinRank?

What IS a SpinRank? What does it mean?. Well, it’s how we rank journalists and media outlets on our website. It’s our proprietary algorithm which calculates various factors to build an ever changing view of just how fake or biased a journalist, or media outlet behaves. If journalists and media companies reported the truth and didn’t try and spin it this way or that, then we’d all be happy. We’d be able to know for sure that what we are reading and watching is the truth. There’d be nothing to worry about. But, that’s not the case in reality. We’re victims of fake news, false narratives, sometimes blatant and sometimes more sinister. Our view: We hope that by calculating and promoting a SpinRank score – journalists and media outlets will trend towards more honest, fair mindedness and truth in how they deliver content.

Fake News Influence

You should trust someone until you catch them out, then you may never trust them again. Keep catching them out and you can no longer rely on the stories they’re telling you. Our SpinRank algorithm takes this as a primary factor in deciding a SpinRank score. Our algorithm also takes into account “good behavior”. If a particular outlet was spouting fake news, and then puts in measures to stop it (such as Brian Ross being fired from ABC),  then this will reduce their SpinRank score over time.

SwampRank Data Set

This is our internal measure (by the Editors) for how much a particular person or media outlet has inside (The Swamp) connections. To find more, click here. A journalist, media outlet or opinion maker with a lot of insider connections has more risk of putting a particular spin on a news story and therefore their SpinRank will be higher. Our SwampRank data set also feeds into the algorithm.

Influence & Consumer Reach

This is also a factor in our overall SpinRank score. Along with the SwampRank it forms the baseline of an overall SpinRank score. If everyone was reporting real news, then the top of the rankings would be those who have the biggest audience and the biggest following AND insider connections. If they were to spout fake news, a lot of people would listen. The impact of which could be catastrophic. A real life example of this is when Kylie Jenner helped wipe Billions in value off SnapChat just because she (perhaps even falsely) claimed that Snapchat was dead.


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