Media Hate: A Sad “Truth”

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“It’s deeply disturbing how news coverage has often been turned into a propaganda machine, continuing to forge ahead with false narratives with no regard for truth. Facts just seem to get in the way.”

When did our media turn against us? Like the Collisium of old, today’s MSM bathes in the spectacle of modern day media gladiators and electronic assasinations. It’s a sickening trajectory, made worse by the hate fueled temperance of publically acceptable TDS.

“Propagandists”: Lara Logan On Today’s “Activist” Media

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“In an interview published last Friday with the “Mike Drop” podcast, hosted by retired Navy SEAL Mike Ritland, Logan called the media’s “absurdly left wing” Democratic bias “a huge fucking problem.”

Ahem. We finally have an inside account of how fake, “Fake News” really is. Lara describes the current media culture of activism which has completely abandoned the traditional methodology around journalism and professional conduct. Our deepest thanks to Lara’s courage to speak the truth and hopefully shine a light into the darkness that’s enveloped (mostly) the 4th estate.

TDS Diary: White, Catholic (MAGA) Boys Hate American Indians – CNN, CBS

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In one of the more disgusting displays of blatant Trump derangement syndrome, CNN uses selected videos (other angles show the American Indians initiating the encounter ) as a manufactured conflict to demonize a Catholic School boys group.

CNN’s SE Cupp delivers her monologue/diatribe of contempt for the March For Life, for Trump supporting teenagers and juxtaposes them (for added effect) against the supposed mocking of an American Indian celebration.

Read the statements (and see the alternate angle video’s) from the Catholic kids – it was the “Indigenous people’s” who initiated the encounter. The kids were already there and were minding their own business. CNN makes it sound like the kids were a rapid gang of hatred looking for a target. This kind of reporting is unethical, immoral and extremely dangerous. Is there such a thing as a “media hate crime”?

Update: CBS now supporting the narrative.

Update (2): Reason magazine calls out the fraud. See link in main post.

Update (3): @davidbrooksnyt and @douthatnyt both reject MSM narrative.

Hemingway: Media Fact Checkers – Wrong On Facts

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“When it came time to back up this talking point about factual inaccuracies, the media whiffed. Most of the alleged “fact” “checks” were instead critiques of opinions. Many critiqued things not included in Trump’s speech. And sometimes the “fact” “checks” dinged Trump for saying completely true things.” Mollie Hemingway bravely exposes the naked bias currently corrupting the 4th estate.

Fake Corrected: Will anyone notice (or care)?

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John Dickerson of CBS is applauded for “standing up” to Leader McConnell with “facts” on Face the Nation. One problem – he was wrong. Fake News has many layers – and many ways to infect public discourse. John has since clarified – but will CBS?

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#24Dean Baquet
#25David Corn
#26Bob Woodward
#27John Dickerson
#28Aaron Blake
#29Charles Blow

Least Trusted Outlets

#2NBC News
#3Fox News
#4New York Daily News
#6The Daily Telegraph
#8Daily Star
#9The Huffington Post
#13Big League Politics
#14The Weather Channel
#16The Daily Beast
#21The New York Times
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#23The Washington Post
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