“Propagandists”: Lara Logan On Today’s “Activist” Media

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“In an interview published last Friday with the “Mike Drop” podcast, hosted by retired Navy SEAL Mike Ritland, Logan called the media’s “absurdly left wing” Democratic bias “a huge fucking problem.”

Ahem. We finally have an inside account of how fake, “Fake News” really is. Lara describes the current media culture of activism which has completely abandoned the traditional methodology around journalism and professional conduct. Our deepest thanks to Lara’s courage to speak the truth and hopefully shine a light into the darkness that’s enveloped (mostly) the 4th estate.

Not Fake: WAPO gets sued for $250M

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“Such suits, like this one, will focus public attention on the journalistic misconduct of outlets like the Post, and the bias against Donald Trump, white teenage males, and believing Catholics that produced it. If they succeed in court based on the fair application of defamation law and without undercutting the First Amendment, all the better.”

“Go get ‘em Nick!”

“Too Dangerous To Release”: Fake News Software

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“From there, software was able to write a seven paragraph news story, including quotes from government officials – with the only catch being that the story was 100% made up.”

Should have see it coming. Forget human bias, we now have AI developing narratives. Orwell lapping Nostradamus.

Fake Hate? ‘Empire” Star Claims In Doubt

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“Of course, no one who has paid attention is surprised. It is another left-wing hoax, promoted by left-wing news outlets that probably knew better. But it’s all for the leftist narrative, like most of what we read in newspapers these days.”

What are the odds this story gets buried I less than a week? Thought so.

Fake Facts (2): Checkers “Truth” Is What They Say It Is

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“The state of American fact-checking is dreadfully misleading. There’s no reason for conservatives to give its authors the deference they seek.”

Media bias exists in many, many new forms today. From “journalists” acting as opinion columnists to the old faithful: bias by omission. The ‘Media’ pick and choose stories, narratives and now “facts” that support their preconceived narrative and notions of what truth represents. And the ‘disease’ has now spread to the checkers of the “facts” – whose supposedly are neutral ( yes Snopes – we mean you) politically. Embarrassing – and fraudulent – and possibly now liable? Let’s see how slippery the slope has become…

Not Fake: Media Is It’s Own Biggest Threat

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“Major media organizations are about to be sued for irresponsibly turning innocent Covington Catholic school boys into objects of national hatred. A lack of standards threatens to open the media to all kinds of legal liabilities”.

Fake news is more than a passing catchphrase. It’s the reflection of what a civil society looks like as it destroys itself. One media company seems to need to outdo the other in an endless procession of click bait hatred. “Media Hate Crimes” are now commonplace. Destroying reputations (or trying to – Kanye West), careers (she’s tough as nails and will have the last laugh – Sheryl Attkisson), individuals (a kid! – Nick Sandmann) and revered institutions (Kavanaugh crucifixion – US Supreme Court) are now media sport. Is the threat/weapon of punitive financial judgement now the only roadblock on our road to ruin? Stay tuned.

Dark Makeup: A New York Times Mirror – With Smoke

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“Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring says he dressed up in a wig and brown makeup as part of a costume while a university student,” the NYT tweet said.

Ahem. What’s the difference between “Brown Makeup” and “Blackface”? Answer: Your politics at the moment.

Fake Indian: WAPO Runs Warren 2020 Interference

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“On the line for “race,” Warren neatly printed, “American Indian”…..She is sorry that she was not more mindful of this earlier in her career”.

Politicians lie. That’s a fact and it’s never going to end. But the media is not supposed be a mouthpiece for candidates. WAPO’s historical reporting of Warren’s lies exposes their bias and excuses her behavior. They apologize for her “mindful” untruthfulness and again, shame themselves and their professional but not being neutral, fair or impartial. They DO however, get kudos for being the first to publish “the card”. Little solace – but give credit where its due.

Putin Puppets: NBC Uses Proven Faker “New Knowledge” To Smear Tulsi Gabbard

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“What NBC — amazingly — concealed is a fact that reveals its article to be a journalistic fraud: That same firm, New Knowledge, was caught just six weeks ago engaging in a massive scam to create fictitious Russian troll accounts on Facebook and Twitter in order to claim that the Kremlin was working to defeat Democratic Senate nominee Doug Jones in Alabama. ”

What the fudgecracker is NBC doing? Smearing a Democrat candidate for POTUS as a Russian puppet? Glen Greenwald is spot on. This is more than an embarrassment. It’s an abomination.

Fake Followers: Now A NY No-No

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“Bots and other fake accounts have been running rampant on social media platforms, often stealing real people’s identities to carry out fraud“.

A return to reality? Via New York’s Attorney General? Call us surprised. Devumi and “Sock Puppets” are the little fish, will Letitia James have the guts re-target bigger game? Call us skeptical.

Facebook Facts: Not Required

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“They’ve essentially used us for crisis PR, said former Snopes managing editor Brooke Binkowski. “They’re not taking anything seriously. They are more interested in making themselves look good and passing the buck … They clearly don’t care.”

Reports that Facebook management prefer facts that fit the narrative rather than the truth – continue to leak.

Fake Cryron: CNN Falesly Claims Racist Democrat Is Actually Republican

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“CNN falsely labels Northam as ‘Republican’ during segment on blackface-KKK yearbook photo flap”

The subtle fakes. The inadvertent “errors”. When will CNN admit what everyone already knows?

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